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Missing features from N1?

A few things I use to love on my Nokia appear to be missing from my N1 if anyone has any ideas how to do these please let me know! When I plug my Nokia via its USB to any … Continue reading

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Hail Google but what have you given us?

So here it is the Nexus! Conceptually a brilliant phone Continue reading

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Welcome to Android! The Google/HTC Nexus One!

In one swell swoop Google is now collecting profiles on each and every person that fully utilizes their phones. Your searches, your location, your mails, your chats, your friends their pictures, your pictures, your tastes, your choices, the web sites you visit, the partners you have, the restaurants, pubs, shops you patronize, who you call and how long for, where you have been all day, every day and what you are planning to do each and every day straight out of your calendar and to-do list! Continue reading

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