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If you were to listen to the Italian news these days you’d be forgiven for thinking the Italians are all a bunch of crooks. Principle party members helping themselves to money that doesn’t belong to them. People claiming supplementary benefits for being totally blind while still driving around in cars or cycling in cities on bikes. Hospital projects failing after millions of euros pored in by government and spent on projects that do not reflect the values of the investments. Limitless studies on everything from life on Mars to the counting of millipedes. Political parties so awash with money that they are busy investing or, as some would say, hiding their money outside of Europe. In Italy your taxes go in part to financing political parties weather you like it or not.

Behind all this an insatiable government whose sole interest is the increase in taxes and the enforcement of their collection, uncaring of the consequential destruction of business, jobs and personal lives. Actions which contravene at least Article 3 & 4 of the Italian constitution; the basis of Italian’s republic. However no one appears to care!

What is happening here will not result in a solution to the debt problems but will without doubt make life very miserable for all who live here.

The big thieves are getting away with it while the small ones are being blitzed to oblivion.

Italy Stop this craziness! Get out of the Euro, default on you debt, cut your government and parties by 3/4, cut your taxes to 25%, enforce collection everyone equally and fairly and sell the government assets you don’t need

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