This does very little for unity or reconciliation however it does clearly reflect the feelings of those on the other side of the red-shirts argument and given that it doesn’t consist of bombing, burning or shooting one could argue is a far more democratic response than the one delivered by the reds. Red sympathizers please allow this in good spirit as your counterparts response.

After the mess that ensued it’s inevitable that people feel really pissed at the final outcome of a protest which concluded with a clearly planned and calculated scurry of meaningless destruction, somewhat akin to a child’s spoiling tactics when he doesn’t get what he wants. Unfortunately the few rioters, vandals and terrorists which infiltrated the re-shirts ranks have managed, on behalf of the reds, to lose the respect and sympathy that some had for the protesters.  A bad loss indeed since success of a protest is not counted by the points that are scored or even necessarily the concessions that are won but far more by the minds and hearts that are won.

This alone will result in the sort after changes, without the need for bloodshed, strife and unhappiness.

In the event nothing was sufficient to alight the demands. The reds were given practically everything they were asking for but rather than objective level headedness bagging the prize a few hot heads were allowed to rule and formulate requests they knew would be unacceptable. Clearly these few had something else in mind; a far cry from democracy.

What everyone should realize by now is that dividing a country will not result in success or happiness for anyone. Look at Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan to name a few. Do you really wish for Thailand to undergo some 50 years of sadness, failure, strife, hunger and unhappiness? Surely not!

There is a whole world out there against which one needs to battle, compete and succeed and success can only come with all being united as one.

Discontent cannot be ignored and opportunities while never equal for all (a fact of life) should be made available to as many as possible. All groups and sides of life should be heard  since society is not only made of lawyers, commanders and the like but also of workers, builder, cleaners, farmers and so on, neither can do without the other so in the overall scheme of things each one is as important as the other.

The steam engine driver doesn’t go anywhere if the fire stoker isn’t doing a good job in raising the steam and he will definitely not do so unless he’s a happy person!

If the way of choosing a leader must be by voting then let’s not con ourselves the rules must be simple and clear the vote honest and credible and finally above all else the result MUST be respected whatever the outcome.

Finally I truly hope Thailand will return to be the leader it once was showing the world that the Thai culture does offer something very particular which is tolerant and respectful while defending fairness and honesty in a vibrant and diverse united country where true smiles brighten everyone’s day.

There is something in the words “United we stand divided we fall”

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